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Fears in the Americas about the outbreak of Corona among illegal immigrants

The Mexican government and 10 other countries expressed, during a regional conference on immigration problems, their fear of the risk of an outbreak of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) among illegal immigrants who do not have certified papers.

The participating members of the conference suggested - in an official statement, according to the American "ABC News" network, today, Thursday, that Mexico and Central American countries continue to return migrants for fear of exposure to the expected risks from the pandemic.

The statement added that the countries of North America and Central America expressed their concern about endangering the lives and health of illegal immigrants, especially during the state of health emergency, explaining their support for "safe, orderly and disciplined" migration.

The statement also stressed the need to develop the situation in southern Mexico and the Central American region so that citizens are not forced to emigrate to other places.

And the official authorities in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras had returned and stopped convoys of migrants seeking to reach the borders with the United States of America last year, demanding in some cases to show entry visas and negative tests for infection with the new Corona virus.

It is noteworthy that the regional conference included the United States of America, Canada, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Panama, El Salvador, Dominicans and Belize.

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