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How government measures contributed to increasing vegetable and fruit exports to 5.2 million tons

A report issued by the Ministry of Agriculture affirmed that despite the conditions of the Corona pandemic during the year 2020 and the decrease in international trade by more than 25%, an unprecedented boom in agricultural exports during the year 2020 (the year of the pandemic) was achieved by everyone, as the total volume of exports reached Fresh Egyptian agricultural vegetables and fruits exported to various countries of the world about 5.2 million tons, with a value of about 2.2 billion dollars, equivalent to 33 billion Egyptian pounds, in addition to exports of processed and packaged agricultural products.

A report obtained by Al-Youm Al-Sabea referred to the support of exporters and agricultural producers, as coordination was made with the Central Bank of Egypt and obtaining its approval for agricultural producers and exporters, and activities related to agriculture and agricultural industrialization, to benefit from the industry financing initiative at an annual interest of 8%.

The report stressed that coordination had been made with the Ministries of Finance and Industry so that agricultural exporters were able to obtain their dues through the export burden refund program and benefit from the initiative that was launched for this, indicating the approval of the Council of Ministers to exempt exporters from the requirement of a local component certificate that was a condition for obtaining Export support.

The report added that Egypt was able to occupy the first place in the world in exporting oranges to surpass Spain, which was a world leader in orange exports, and to occupy this throne for long periods, which is an unprecedented achievement, explaining that the total volume of Egypt's exports of oranges by the end of 2020 is about 1.6 Million tons.

The report pointed out that by the end of 2020, the total number of foreign markets to which Egyptian agricultural exports are penetrated reached (150) importing countries, and the total number of exported items reached more than 255 commodities and items, and all this is in the interest of the Egyptian product.

The report indicated that the number of markets that were opened in the last three years amounted to more than 38 markets, including (11) export markets for (7) export crops that took place during the year 2020, including the New Zealand market for oranges, Argentina, Uzbekistan, Brazil for citrus, the Indian market for potatoes and Indonesia for onions. And El Salvador for Pomegranate.

The report stressed that among the most important of these markets is the Japanese market, which needed difficult measures until it was approved for the first time to open the Japan market in November 2020 to Egypt's citrus exports, which is considered a new testimony for Egyptian products due to the strength of the Japanese market’s measures that pay a lot of Countries to enter the Egyptian market, and coordination is underway to open more Japanese markets for Egyptian exports of grapes and pomegranates.

The Agriculture report indicated that it has succeeded in lifting the ban on all agricultural crops exported to some Arab Gulf countries and lifting the restrictions and additional checks that were imposed by the European Union countries on our exports of grapes and strawberries, and that there are no restrictions or any ban on any product during the current period. Egyptian agricultural, and this is a testimony that all exporters touch.

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