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Johnson & Johnson vaccine against Corona achieves an immune response to youth and the elderly

Early trials of an experimental coronavirus vaccine by Johnson & Johnson showed that it achieved an immune response in nearly all volunteers, with minimal side effects, after receiving a single dose of the vaccine.

According to Cnn, the company expects to report details of the more advanced trials later this month and hopes to apply for permission from the US Food and Drug Administration soon after.

And the researchers who tested the vaccine in a combined Phase 1-2 trial - often aimed at demonstrating safety - found that one or two doses of the vaccine generated a response to the antibodies and T cells against the Coronavirus.

An international team of researchers in the New England Journal of Medicine, who tested the vaccine on about 800 volunteers, wrote that early trials showed it was safe and probably should work.

Researchers - in the Netherlands, the United States and Belgium - tested the vaccine in a group of people ages 65 or older and a group between the ages of 18 and 55.

Vaccination neutralized the antibodies in 90% of the participants by day 29 after the first dose of the vaccine, and in each of them for two months after the first dose, and they reported that levels of these antibodies remained stable for at least 71 days.

Janssen's vaccine arm uses a different approach to its vaccine, which is now called its experimental Ad26.COV2.S It uses a weakened version of the common cold virus called adenovirus 26 to transfer the genetic material from the virus to the body, causing human cells to produce parts From the virus, the immune system then recognizes it.

The researchers wrote, "A single dose of the Ad26.COV2.S vaccine elicited a strong humoral response in the majority of vaccine recipients, with antibodies and equivalents in more than 90% of the participants, regardless of age group or vaccine dose."

The researchers added, "The effective single-dose Covid-19 vaccine has clear advantages compared to a two-dose vaccine, especially during the pandemic," while the company is studying whether a second dose increases the effectiveness or durability of the immune response.

Side effects included headache, body aches, and, in rare cases, fever.

Johnson & Johnson said in a statement: "The company expects to announce data for the first phase of its Phase 3 candidate vaccine, Janssen, in late January 2021; however, since this trial depends on disease events, the timing is approximate." But with the outbreak in the United States and Europe, vaccine experts say that answers are coming quickly for vaccine trials.

And if the single-dose vaccine proves to be safe and effective, the company expects to apply for an emergency use permit from the US Food and Drug Administration shortly thereafter, with other regulatory applications being introduced around the world later, ”Johnson added.

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