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Khaled El-Ghandour: There is no club in Egypt that will pay 40 million pounds for a Smouha player except for Pyramids or Al-Ahly

Khaled El-Ghandour, the former star of Zamalek, confirmed that Hossam Hassan, the player of Smouha team, moved to one of the two clubs, Al-Ahly or Pyramids, especially since Faraj Amer, president of the Alexandria club, revealed that the player was sold to an Egyptian club for 40 million pounds.

Al-Ghandour said: "No Egyptian club would buy a Smouha player for 40 million pounds except for Pyramids and after it Al-Ahly, although the player had a strong desire to play for Zamalek club, and although the club president announced that Hossam Hassan had been sold, the player does not know until now that he sold".

The president of Smouha Club exploded a heavy caliber surprise regarding the sale of Hossam Hassan, the striker of the Alexandrian team, to an Egyptian club. Faraj Amer confirmed: “Hossam Hassan was sold to an Egyptian club for 40 million pounds.” He continued: “Hossam Hassan is a player originally sold to an Egyptian club in exchange for 40 million pounds, how am I going to sell the player to Zamalek, after I recently sold him?

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