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Restaurant workers protest with "pots" in the streets of Mexico to reject the closure of Corona ...

Workers, cooks, and restaurant owners in Mexico protested the continued closure of their stores after the decision to impose the closure that had been in effect since December 18, and allowed only the purchase of ready meals, and restaurant workers expressed their refusal to continue the closure due to the severe damage they suffered through protest in the streets of the capital, Mexico City. City in work clothes and knocking on "blazers" and utensils to express their inability to withstand the continued closure.

Euro News showed a part of the protest of workers and restaurant owners in the streets of Mexico City, banging pots and pans to demand that the government allow them to reopen the doors of their restaurants, and restaurant workers raised signs reading "Open before I grew up" and "My family depends on my work." .

Regarding the speed of confronting Corona, Mexico aims to accelerate the process of obtaining a license for the Russian Sputnik vaccine after reviewing the data, as Mexico decided this week to approve the emergency use of the Russian Sputnik vaccine.

Last Tuesday, Hugo Lopez Gatel, Deputy Minister of Health, said that Mexican health authorities will make a decision this week on whether to allow the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, after accessing the data on it, adding that President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has instructed the authorities to "go ahead." Quickly "in the process.

He confirmed that the file has been under review since the weekend by the Federal Committee for Protection from Health Risks, COFEPRIS, and very soon there will be a decision on authorizing the use of emergencies, as happened with the other two vaccines.

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