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The Lebanese President requests the convening of the Central Security Council to discuss the security situation in the country

Lebanese President Michel Aoun called for the convening of the Central Security Council to study the security situation in the country in light of field reports prepared by the relevant security agencies, and to lay down proposals and measures to be taken.

One of the Lebanese news channels reported - earlier today - that the caretaker prime minister, Hassan Diab, requested a meeting of the Supreme Defense Council. To discuss developments in the security situation, especially in light of the unrest that Lebanon has been witnessing for days, and the transformation of some protests into widespread riots, road blocks and confrontations with the police, especially in the city of Tripoli (north of the country), but he did not find a response from the Presidency of the Republic.

The Minister of Interior (in his capacity) chairs the Central Security Council, which includes in its membership the Attorney General, the Army Commander and the heads of the security services, and the Council discusses the security situation in Lebanon, during which information is exchanged between the security services and the coordination of work between them, in addition to taking appropriate decisions and recommendations, whenever It takes order.

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