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The White House: Calls with Biden from both Republicans and Democrats to the Congress about the relief plan

The White House confirmed that US President Joe Biden had received calls from Republicans and Democrats in Congress regarding the relief plan, according to an urgent news broadcast by Al Arabiya a short while ago.

Before that, the American Wall Street Journal quoted officials in the administration of US President Joe Biden as saying: We seek to attach the nuclear deal with Iran to another agreement that includes other issues, according to media sources.

Earlier, the New York Times reported that US President Joe Biden's team is rushing to take control of the government and oust former President Donald Trump loyalists from government employees.

The newspaper pointed out that at a time when nearly a thousand high-ranking federal officials were swearing in front of President Joe Biden in recent days in the largest call on the Zoom application in the United States, a less clear transition was taking place, which is the quiet dismissal of employees from the Trump administration, And who were asked to evacuate their offices immediately, whatever the final legal repercussions.