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Watch a US state distribute the Corona vaccine on a public road before it expires

Health workers in the state of Oregon, of the United States of America, stopped drivers on the way to give them doses of the Corona vaccines, which were about to expire, as the medical convoy had been disrupted on its way back from vaccination against the Corona virus due to a snowstorm, according to the newspaper "Daily Mail" British.

For its part, the "Josephine County" Foundation for Public Health stated on the social networking site "Facebook" that a convoy of health workers in the US state of Oregon of 20 employees stopped in traffic due to a snowstorm on their way back from a vaccination campaign against Corona in the "Illinois school" Vale "secondary, and they had 6 doses of vaccines that were about to expire, so they gave them to drivers whose car broke down in the same way in order to benefit from them, and the US Health Department said that these doses were intended for other people, but they may expire before they reach them.

The medical personnel moved from one car to another to give the doses to the drivers not wanting to waste them, and there was an ambulance belonging to them in order to impose safety measures, and 340359 vaccination doses were given in Oregon until last Tuesday, and the US state had witnessed 139,355 cases of corona since the beginning The epidemic, of whom 1904 died, while the United States of America has seen more than 25.5 million cases of coronavirus infection so far since its beginning, while the death toll has reached 428,654 people, and the administration of the new president, Joe Biden, is focusing on vaccinating the largest possible number of people as soon as possible.