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An analysis of the use of a food supplement derived from cows to prevent side effects of corona

The Hospital Del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM), Del Mar Hospital, University of California - Davis and the University of Texas have launched a clinical trial to analyze how beneficial nutritional supplements can be in preventing the worst side effects of coronavirus.

The study, published on the "Medical" website, looks at immunoglobulin derived from cows, which has been shown in animal models to reduce inflammation caused by infection and progress to more severe forms of disease and post-corona syndrome.

A nutritional supplement called (EnteraGam, made by the US company EnteraHealth) is based on bovine serum (milk from cows), and is very rich in immune globulin, also known as antibodies, which is one of the elements that the immune system uses to detect and identify harmful viruses and bacteria. .

The product is dried by freeze, which allows the immunoglobulins to regain their original shape when they reach the stomach, so that they can fulfill their task of identifying viral proteins and alerting the immune system to their presence.

The lead researcher in the experiment explains, "The goal of the treatment is to isolate the virus and help eliminate it from one of its main reservoirs in the body in the intestine, as the presence of the Corona virus in this part of the body is due to the fact that stomach tissue expresses a large amount of one of its receptors, which is ACE2 enzyme, which the virus uses to enter human cells and reproduce.

A supplement to the standard treatments


According to the researchers, this approach does not replace the treatments that are already being offered to people with coronavirus, but rather complements them and enhances treatments, as patients take supplements orally, twice a day for two weeks, and have another follow-up period of two weeks.

In total, the study will analyze 420 patients, of whom 280 will be taking the EnteraGam supplement.

The researchers' hypothesis, which has already been elucidated in animal models, is that taking EnteraGam "may reduce the risk of progressing from mild forms of the disease, which currently do not receive specific treatment, to more severe forms, in addition to the inflammation that causes it."

An experiment using bovine corona virus, "a type of corona virus that infects cows," in calves showed an important protective effect in cases that received immunoglobulin via cow serum, and cow serum containing immunoglobulin also reduced systemic inflammation in cases of intestinal viral infection.

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