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Biden Vice President urges the Senate to pass the American relief plan after "House of Representatives" approval

Camala Harris, US Vice President Joe Biden, praised, in the United States' House of Representatives, the $ 1.9 trillion relief plan presented by Joe Biden, to help Americans cope with the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

This is a crucial step toward providing relief to those who need it, vaccinating people, returning children to school, and returning Americans to work, ”Kamala Harris said on her official Twitter account this evening.

And Kamala Harris called on the US Senate, to take swift action to push the bill forward, she said.

The voting session in the US House of Representatives witnessed the joining of two Democratic members of the House of Representatives with a democratic majority to the representatives of the Republican minority in opposition to the economic aid package that they consider too expensive.

After approval by the House of Representatives, the bill is scheduled to move to the US Senate, as this plan seeks to boost vaccination campaigns and tests and stabilize the US economy, according to US media.