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Dutch intelligence reveals Erdogan's link with extremists inside the country

The Turkish political system headed by Erdogan spares no effort to work to spread terrorism in various countries of the world, by strengthening and supporting the Salafi-jihadi institutions to spread their extremist ideology in the world, under the pretext of "Islamization", or through strong links with Al Qaeda, according to the site "Turkey Now" A Dutch intelligence document warned of a link between President Erdogan and the rise of extremists in the Netherlands. The national coordinator of the counterterrorism unit in the Netherlands said in a confidential report entitled “The development of Salafism among the Turks - influence in the Netherlands”, that Erdogan's goals of Islamization in Turkey are being disseminated in society Al-Turki in the Netherlands through Dutch Turkish associations.

The Dutch report indicated that Turkish religious organizations have strong relations with Turkish organizations in the Netherlands, especially with youth organizations, and that Erdogan is pursuing a deliberate Islamization strategy that provides space for Salafi and jihadist organizations to influence Dutch organizations, and according to the Dutch document, Erdogan, with his support for Salafi and jihadi organizations, affects security. And public safety in the Netherlands, through his anti-Western religious activities and glorification of extremists that can sow hatred between groups of Dutch Turks, through interaction on social media.

The Dutch document cited the relationship between Erdogan and the Utrecht tram attack in 2019, as it made clear that Erdogan's use of the pretext of shooting two mosques in Christchurch in New Zealand by a white fanatic and anti-Western public rhetoric played a role in inciting Jokman Tanish to launch the attack in the Netherlands. A related context, an investigation conducted by the Swedish "Nordic Monitor" website revealed the agreement of the Foundation for Human Rights, Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief, an organization linked to Al Qaeda in Turkey, with the "Islamic Sang" organization, which is classified as a terrorist entity in India, to expand logistical support between the two parties in South Asia to support networks Terrorist.

The Indian intelligence services had classified "Islami Sang" as a terrorist organization due to its support for terrorist militants. According to the Swedish website, the Human Rights Relief Society was classified as an arms smuggler, and was investigated for running a support line for armed jihadist groups in Syria.

It is worth noting that the Foundation for Human Rights, Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief is considered a tool for Turkish intelligence and is supported by Erdogan's government, and it has been granted special privileges to collect funds, and thanks to the political cover from the government, the Foundation was able to escape legal punishment when faced with multiple anti-terrorism investigations in Turkey.

The Swedish "Nordic Monitor" website confirmed that there is a military "Sadat" company run by Adnan Tanrieverdi, a former military advisor to President Erdogan who helped organize jihadist groups in Turkey and abroad, provided military training and provided advice on military and security logistics services.

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