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Egypt Beni Suef Cement terminates the contract with "ASEC" and will deduct 90 million pounds from it

The cement production market is witnessing a major conflict between the two Egyptian Beni Suef Cement companies - owned by a number of businessmen, including Engineer Syed Ali and Engineer Farouk Mostafa - and the Arab Swiss Engineering Company known as "ASIC" owned by businessman Ahmed Heikal.


The beginning of the crisis between ASEC and Egypt Beni Suef came after the latter expressed its intention to terminate the contract with ASEC after more than 20 years of joint work cooperation, as ASEC was in charge of the technical and operational management of the Misr Beni Suef company, but the engineer, Osama Sayed, is the son of the businessman Syed Ali Malik of Egypt Beni Suef Cement seeks for Egypt to fully manage the production lines, direct the Asec company and terminate the contract with it.


Indeed, since October 2020, the Misr Beni Suef Company started the procedures for disqualifying the "ASIC" company and withdrawing the files from it, which made ASIC stop its business inside the production lines. Businessman Osama Sayed decided on the now actual manager of the Egypt Beni Suef Cement Factory to deduct 90 million pounds from the dues Asec company, as a form of pressure on it, with the aim of ASEC to stop withdrawing technical and engineering workers from production lines so that the factory is not subjected to stoppage, until operational alternatives are provided for Egypt, Beni Suef.


ASEC, for its part, stopped maintenance work, withdrew technicians and engineers, and sent them to one of its projects in Iraq, which put Misr Beni Suef Cement in a major dilemma to face huge operational problems during the past three months, so that Egypt's Beni Suef Cement production lines were operating for 3 days in The week is only due to the lack of technicians, as well as machinery and equipment, after ASIC stopped supplying, installing and maintaining lines.


More than 3 months have passed since this crisis ignited, and ASEC seeks to pressure Egypt Beni Suef to return again, but Osama Sayed, the actual manager of the Egypt Beni Suef factory, seeks to terminate the contract permanently and not rely on ASEC, and for this, he began using a number of companies To supply labor and hire new technicians, so that the production lines return to work at capacity, and indeed, succeeded in increasing the number of factory operating days to 4 days instead of just 3.


The Misr Beni Suef Cement Company issued a disclosure on February 16th, to terminate the contract with the ASEC company under the pretext of its serious breach of its obligations towards Egypt Beni Suef, provided that the contract with the Arab Swiss Company ASEC will be terminated starting from January 19, 2021, with a deadline to deliver the factory in a sound operating condition in accordance with For the contract.

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