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European Commission: Supporting Tunisia's experience to face difficulties is linked to implementing necessary reforms

The European Commission announced that its support for Tunisia's experience, which is facing severe difficulties, is linked to the implementation of the necessary reforms, Al-Aria TV reported in its urgent news.

Rached Ghannouchi had claimed, in statements reported by the Tunisian Mosaique website, earlier that Tunisia is in a transitional situation that may facilitate the task of the devotion of some to practices through which it tries to bully this essential institution in the democratic project, which is the parliament, but we remain committed to the internal system of the Council that we are working to transform until We stop or limit some strange and sometimes violent behaviors.

Al-Ghannouchi added, "There are forces in our society that have not yet accepted democracy in its pluralistic core meaning, and have not left their position that Ennahda should rule or participate in governance, and it is absent from them that democracy does not exist unless the competitors exchange recognition."

Regarding a new document to withdraw confidence from him after the expiration of the six-month period since the last vote, the Speaker of Parliament said: `` People forget that crises and instability are part of the nature of transitional periods that are often characterized by emerging from one crisis and entering into others, and we have many examples in the distant and near human history. Therefore, and according to the civil wars, coups and rupture of homelands that characterized those periods, from this standpoint and by comparison, the Tunisian example can be considered a case of success and perhaps the only success in the region and in the context of the Arab Spring revolutions, and the costs for freedom can be considered small compared to what the revolutions incurred She rose in the area and stumbled, and her wind was gone. But the advocates of the counterrevolution and its proponents always resort to exaggerating matters and calling for woe and eruption. "

He continued, "I have previously said that I was elected by the majority of my colleagues. Everyone knows that the aim of repeating these attempts, which have become not without their absurdity, is political par excellence and aims to sideline the parliamentary institution, strain the atmosphere and prevent the achievement of stability."

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