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Germany recommends that the elderly should be given the AstraZeneca vaccine

The head of the vaccination committee in Germany said that his country is studying the recommendation of a dose of the Corona vaccine from AstraZeneca for those over 65 years after a study showed that it is effective among the elderly, according to the medical express website.

"This is possible and we will do it," Thomas Mertens, who heads the vaccination committee known as STIKO, told German public television ZDF when asked whether the shooting of the British-Swedish company could be approved for everyone after recent research.

He explained that the committee "will soon publish a new updated recommendation," adding that he is waiting for details from the authors of the study that was conducted in Scotland.

A month ago, the committee said it was recommending the use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine only for those under the age of 65 due to insufficient data on its effectiveness in older adults.

The European Medicines Agency, the regulator of the European Union, has recommended AstraZeneca for adults of all ages.

And German doctors and public health officials have appealed to take AstraZeneca vaccines, and AstraZeneca has been shown to be 60% effective in trials, while studies indicate about 95% of the effectiveness of the Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna vaccines.

However, the British vaccine advantage does not require deep-frozen storage, with a regular refrigerator sufficient.

The last study conducted by the University of Edinburgh found that by the fourth week after receiving the initial dose, the Pfizer vaccine reduced the risk of hospitalization in Corona by up to 85%.

The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine reduced the risk by 94%.

It also found that vaccination was associated with an 81% reduction in risk of hospitalization in the fourth week among those aged 80 and over, when the results of the two vaccines were combined.

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