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Infograph .. Economic Zone: Our ports achieved high circulation rates despite the pandemic

The Suez Canal Economic Zone announced that its ports achieved high levels of circulation last year, despite the conditions that accompanied the emergence of the emerging corona virus pandemic.

The Authority’s performance report for the year 2020 showed that the port of Sokhna witnessed an increase in collection revenues by 97% last year, container handling amounted to 731 thousand tons, an increase of 10%, and truck traffic increased by 28%. The port also witnessed an increase in tourist traffic, so it was received. There are 775 tourists, an increase of 102% over the year 2019, and the circulation of general cargo and dry bulk has also witnessed a significant increase, reaching 4.9 million tons, an increase of 45%, and by completing the liquid bulk terminal project, the port witnessed an increase in circulation reaching 1.8 million m3, an increase of 44 %.

East Port Said Port

The report said that East Port Said Port achieved remarkable results in 2020 in container handling and revenue collection, and these results were represented in an increase in collection revenues by 15%, an increase in circulation by 18.5% in handling equivalent containers, and an increase in truck traffic by 38.1%, reaching Container ship loads are 85 million tons, an increase of 11.6%. Customs clearance times have also decreased.

The report of the authority attributed these positive results despite the repercussions of the new Corona virus pandemic to a number of factors, most notably the operation of the 3 July tunnels south of Port Said, which facilitated the movement of goods and individuals between the east and west of the Canal, and the incentive package approved by the Economic Zone last April to attract international shipping lines. And also raising the port's capabilities by the operator "Suez Canal Container Terminal" by developing a number of equipment and cranes, where the development of 2 winches out of a total of 6 berth winches was completed to keep pace with the largest global container ships, and 6 new yard winches were received in the container terminal. As a first shipment of a total of 16 yard winches, in addition to starting to export packed cement to West Africa for the first time from the new docks of the port, and receiving the second and third batches of the equipment and tools of the Alfardan Bridge at the new berths.

Adabiya port

Adabiya Port received 442 ships and the total volume of handled cargo reached 8 million tons, and dry bulk cargo had the largest share, as it represented 50% of the total cargo handled with a volume of 4 million tons, and general cargo ranked second in the volume of circulation, reaching 2.5 million tons represented 31% of the total handled goods, while the containerized cargo accounted for 40%, and the volume of exported goods reached 54% and the incoming goods accounted for 46% of the total handled goods.These previous percentages represent the increase in the port's performance during the year of the pandemic compared to the year 2019.

West Port Said port

The port witnessed a circulation of 500,624 thousand containers, and the reception of 527 container ships, 115 general cargo ships and 22 dry bulk vessels, and the tonnage of container ships reached 4.161 million tons, and the circulation of general cargo reached 384 thousand tons, and the movement of trucks reached 223,493 thousand trucks.

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