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Learn about the countries participating in the Shooting World Cup

So far, 31 countries have confirmed their participation in the World Cup of Shooting "cartouche", which will start next Wednesday and will continue until next March 4, in addition to Egypt, the "organizing country", to become the number 32 countries participating in the tournament.

The list of participating countries includes Argentina, Armenia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Greece, India, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Morocco, Norway, Peru, Poland and Qatar, Romania, Russia, Vienna, Sudan, Slovakia, Syria, UAE, Ukraine and Egypt.

On February 22nd, the delegations participating in the World Cup of Shooting "cartouche" will arrive in Cairo, with the participation of about 400 archers and shooters representing 32 countries that have confirmed participation, including the Egyptian national team participating in the tournament.

Officials of the Shooting Federation and the Ministry of Sports finished the preparations for this World Cup, in terms of accommodation and subsistence, and the shooting range in the Hunting Club in October, which will witness strong competitions between the world teams, which have already begun preparing to travel to Egypt.


The Minister of Sports, Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, expressed his happiness with the statements of Russian Vladimir Leson, President of the International Shooting Federation, in which he affirmed that "Egypt's impressive success in the World Handball Championship has had a great impact on increasing the teams of the World Shooting Championship," which will be organized by Egypt at the end of this month.


For his part, Major General Hazem Hosni, President of the Egyptian Shooting Federation, said that he met Vladimir Lisin, President of the International Shooting Federation, during his participation in the fourth round of the Grand Prix Shooting Championship in Morocco, where he praised Egypt's impressive success in organizing the World Handball Championship.

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