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Lebanese Energy Minister: Iraq will provide Lebanon with fuel to generate electricity

Lebanon's Acting Energy Minister said today, Wednesday, that Lebanon will receive 500,000 tons of fuel oil from Iraq in 2021 to generate electricity.

Raymond Ghajar told reporters that the Energy Ministry would also buy immediate deliveries of fuel and that it had received offers from several local and foreign companies.

Homes and businesses in Lebanon face daily power cuts that last for several hours due to the state electricity company’s inability to meet demand, which forces many to use private generators.

"Today we buy about four shipments a month," the minister said, adding that one shipment is about 35,000 tons.

Ghajar said that Iraqi heavy fuel is not in line with some of Lebanon's needs, but that an Iraqi company may arrange a swap for another, more suitable type of fuel.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers said on Tuesday that it had approved a deal to supply 500 thousand tons of fuel to Lebanon annually.

Ghajar said that Lebanon's fuel reserves usually do not exceed a month or two, because maintaining reserves sufficient for six months will be very costly for the country which is crippled by a deep economic crisis.

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