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Long-term symptoms of corona affect children after recovery

 A recent study revealed long-term symptoms of corona affecting children, according to a research paper published on the medRxiv website.

The study showed that, contrary to the claim that the long-term symptoms of Corona '' is only present among adults, it is also possible that the long-term effect of Corona on children is large and continuous.

 In rare cases, children with corona have been reported to have systemic diseases, including the multi-system inflammatory syndrome (MIS), and here many parts of the body, including the heart, lungs, brain, kidneys, skin, eyes and intestine become inflamed, usually after Corona moderate. While death is uncommon in this condition, about 70% of cases may require intensive care.

Study details


The research analyzed children aged 18 years or younger who received a diagnosis of Corona in one center, and the study did not include those with severe disability symptoms, and health data for children came from caregivers and was captured in a questionnaire created by the Long COVID ISARIC Study Group.

All interviews were conducted between September 1 and January 1, and were classified into asymptomatic and asymptomatic (based on the acute stage of infection), as well as according to hospital treatment requirements, and then a final classification was made based on the time from the Corona diagnosis to the time of the interview.

The number of children in the study reached 129 children, all of whom were diagnosed between March and November 2020, with an average age of 11 years. The number of males and females was approximately equal, and the immediate complications included the occurrence of MIS in three of the children, while two developed cardiomyopathy.

Symptoms persist


Of the group, about 42% had fully recovered, and within the group, 53% of children were reported to have one or more symptoms 120 days or more after diagnosis, in proportion to the long-term diagnosis of Corona. Remarkably, 36% of them had one or two symptoms at the time of the evaluation, and 23% had three or more symptoms.

When assessing severity, insomnia was reported in about a fifth of them, while 15% complained of respiratory symptoms, and these included chest tightness and pain. About 12% complained of nasal congestion, 10% of them all suffered from fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and muscle aches, and about 7% suffered from joint pain. Headache and palpitations also frequently occurred.

These symptoms were more common in children who had disease symptoms or required hospitalization with COVID-19. Interestingly, it has also been found in children with asymptomatic disease.

This pioneering study reveals the presence of a long-term corona in children as well as adults, as more than half of the children had symptoms persisting 120 days or more after infection, and in 68 children in this group, 43% of symptoms appeared severe enough to disturb them or hinder their daily activities.

The study was conducted in a single center, with only a few cases of children, however, the investigators plan to continue their evaluation up to 24 months after diagnosis. They also intend to include controls from the cribs of the participating children, whether with or without the coronavirus history.

It is worth noting that the persistent Corona virus has caused more than one hundred million recorded infections, with more than 2.23 million deaths worldwide.

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