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Mahmoud Saad: The Football Association demanded my resignation or dismissal and they stopped all my dues

Mahmoud Saad, the former technical director of the Football Association, launched an attack on Ahmed Mujahid, head of the tripartite committee that runs the Football Association, after its decision to dismiss him from his post, which was issued on Tuesday, stressing that all the proposals he submitted to the committee were not implemented, saying: “I was surprised that the advisor Two days ago, the legal person told me, either to submit my resignation and honor me at a party and to spend all my dues, because he stopped my salary two months ago, or to dismiss me. ”I said to him:“ Is this reasonable? Am I a swindler or a thief? "

Mahmoud Saad, during a telephone interview on the One To program, with Hazem Imam, broadcast on On Sport FM Radio, thanked the previous five-year committee that was running the Football Association, headed by Amr Al-Ganaini, stressing that they were keen to allocate a large space for him in order to develop youth competitions and work On many matters related to the federation and technical competitions, stressing that all his proposals for the five-year committee were submitted to the current committee, however nothing of them has been implemented, saying: “This person stopped the courses, the issuance of licenses and everything, and I spoke with senior state officials and warned me not to leave my position. ".

The former technical director of the Football Association indicated that Ahmed Mujahid spoke with him some time ago and apologized to him, saying: “Mujahid asked me and apologized to me and said to me:“ I am grinding and I will not yesterday your salary, but everything that happened during this session was not implemented. ”He continued:“ The legal advisor gave me the best. Either I resign or be dismissed, and the next day I went to the headquarters of the Football Association, and I was also surprised that the security person asked me when to collect my belongings to vacate the room and hand over its keys, and today, I received a letter to terminate my contract and suspend all my dues until the Discipline Committee finishes the investigation into an elected crisis. The youth was led by Rabie Yassin. "

He continued, saying: “I spoke with Sayed Al-Bandari, Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee to ask him, and he assured me that I am out of the matter, and that they have gone beyond all limits by this, and that I have no responsibility in this problem,” adding: “This person does not give roles to anyone, even Executive Director Walid Al-Attar. He is satisfied with signing decisions only, as he controls everything within the Union, and has stopped all activities related to training courses and organizing the work of academies and others. "

Mahmoud Saad confirmed that he worked extensively with the national teams and their technical apparatus, so is this the appropriate honor that awaits him ?, saying: “I told Executive Director Walid Al-Attar that you will get the same fate, and he watched the reactions on social networking sites from various coaches.” I am desperate for the position, I did not come from the street, but rather I am coming from the very big Zamalek club, so is it possible what is happening with me. "

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