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Mauritanian Health Ministry denies registering any death from bird flu

An official source at the Mauritanian Ministry of Health denied what was reported on social media about the first death from bird flu in the capital Nouakchott, stressing that this news is unfounded, as the examination proved that the death was not related to the bird flu virus.

And the Mauritanian Ministry of Environment had indicated, in a statement, that it had recorded the death of large numbers of pelicans in the Gaoling National Reserve in the Kermene district of the state of Atarreza, which is located in a border area with northern Senegal .. explaining that the park was closed and all tourism activities in the region were suspended.

The deaths came after the discovery of hundreds of swans dead on January 23 in a Senegalese bird sanctuary on the other side of the river, and it was later confirmed that they had died from the bird flu virus.

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