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Mohamed El-Shenawi reveals the scenes of the "penalty kicks prayer" against the Brazilian Palmeiras

Mohamed El-Shenawy, captain of the first football team at Al-Ahly club, revealed the scenes of his feelings at the time of resorting to penalties in a match in Al-Miras Brazil, and El-Shenawy said in exclusive statements to Al-Ahly: “When I resort to penalty kicks I said between myself and myself, Lord, make me a reason for the joy of the Al-Ahly fans. I thought that the Qatari match Al Duhail was the most difficult match, because it was the beginning. "

And Mohamed El-Shenawy adds: "I gift the world bronze to my father, my mother, my children, my mates, and everyone who bore me and tired with me and I will not forget my colleagues because they have endured many and unknown needs."

Mohamed El-Shenawy, Al-Ahly goalkeeper, deservedly deserved to be the password in Al-Ahly's winning of the bronze medal in the FIFA Club World Cup in Doha, after two penalty kicks from the Brazilian Al-Miras players, to ensure that the red team won the second bronze in its history after 15 years of absence For the red team, after the match that ended with Al-Ahly winning a penalty shootout with a score of 3/2 in a meeting to determine the third and fourth places in the Clubs World Cup.

Al-Ahly club won the bronze medal in the FIFA Club World Cup, which was won by the Red Team after winning a penalty shootout over Brazilian Al-Miras, with a score of 3/2 in the match to determine the third and fourth places in the FIFA Club World Cup, which was held in Doha.

Mohamed El-Shenawy, goalkeeper of the Red Al-Areen, played the championship role in winning the bronze medal, as he handled two penalty kicks, in addition to the Brazilian team wasting a third kick outside the goal.

The Al-Ahly mission returns to Cairo from Qatar this afternoon, after the end of the Red Team’s participation in the FIFA Club World Cup, and its three matches against Al-Duhail, Qatar in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, and against Bayern Munich in the semi-finals of the tournament, then playing against Palmeiras, Brazil in the third-place match. And fourth in the Club World Cup.


Al-Ahly team won the bronze medal in the World Cup after defeating Palmeiras yesterday with penalty kicks. Al-Ahly regained the 2006 achievement when it was crowned with the same medal.


Al-Ahly turns the page of participation in the Club World Cup, and returns to open the page of participation in local and African competitions, whether its match against Sudan's Mars, next Tuesday at the opening of the group stage of the African Champions League, or its match against Al-Nasr in the 32nd round of the Egypt Cup on February 19, and then Return to participate in the Egyptian League Championship.

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