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The date of the Al-Ahly and Al-Duhail match in the Club World Cup and the transmission channels

Al-Ahly team will meet its Qatari counterpart Al-Duhail at 7:30 p.m. today, Thursday, at the Education City Stadium in Qatar, at the opening of the Red Genie’s journey in the Club World Cup, which Qatar is hosting from 4 to 11 February, in which Al-Ahly returns to participate for the sixth time in its history After an absence of 8 years since the last participation in 2013.

Channels broadcasting the match between Al-Ahly and Al-Duhail

The match between Al-Ahly and Al-Duhail is broadcast on the BBC Sports channels, and Algerian Hafeez Darraji comments on it. The match is also broadcast on the BBC Sport Open channel.


Al-Ahly aspires to achieve a positive result that enables it to skip Al-Duhail, Qatar and qualify for the World Cup semi-finals, to face Bayern Munich, the Champions League champion, but is afraid of surprises in tonight's match against the Qatari champion, as it includes offensive elements with scoring capabilities and high speeds, which is what Makes the match tough for the African champion.


Betso Mosimani, Al-Ahly's technical director, worked on studying his opponent well by following up on a number of matches that the Qatari champion fought in the recent period, in order to find out the elements of strength in his ranks, the way of playing he relies on, and his style of defense and attack, in addition to giving instructions to Al-Ahly players. Watching their competitors in the ranks of Al-Duhail, which happened through Al-Ahly players' keenness to watch videos of Al-Duhail during the trip to Qatar and while boarding the plane.

Musimani was keen to hold one-on-one sessions with Al-Ahly players in order to motivate them, tighten them and lift the pressure off their shoulders, especially with his conviction of the difficulty of the match and the strength of the opponent in today's match, and Mohamed El-Shennawy, the team's captain and major players such as Ayman Ashraf, Saad Samir and Walid Suleiman, called for continuous sessions. With young and inexperienced players in order to motivate them and put out all their energies in this match and break the fear of the first participation in the FIFA Clubs World Cup.


And the formation that Al-Ahly is expected to play consists of, Mohamed Al-Shennawi in goalkeeping, Mohamed Hani or Akram Tawfiq, Badr Bannon, Ayman Ashraf, Ali Maaloul in defense, Amr Al-Soliya, Hamdi Fathi, Aliyu Diang or Hussein Al-Shahat and Afsha in the middle, Mahmoud Kahraba and Muhammad Sharif or Walter Bwalia in the attack.


On the other hand, the Qatari Al-Duhail seeks to achieve a surprise and bypass Al-Ahly in order to qualify for the match against Bayern Munich in the semi-finals, as it prepared well by developing the match plan and following up on a number of Al-Ahly matches to find out the elements of strength in the ranks of the African champion, and a seasonal style of play in order to achieve the goal of the match.

Sabri Lamushi, the coach of Al-Duhail, is betting on his possession of a strong attack line that includes the four-wheeler Olonga, Al-Moez Ali and Brazilians, Dodo and Edmilson, as they are the winning cards and are able to make the difference in the face of the night and threaten Al-Ahly's goal, taking advantage of the high speeds and their exploitation, especially in the case of Al-Ahly players rushing

And the formation expected to start with Al-Duhail consists of, Salah Zakaria in goalkeeping, Bassam Hisham Al-Rawai, Ahmed Yasser Abdel Rahman, Ismail Muhammad, Mahdi bin Attia, Dudu, Ali Afif, Ali Karimi, Michel Olenga, and Ali Wadmilson.

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