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The Pentagon: We are monitoring the threats of Iran and ISIS ... and reassessing our military presence in the region

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confirmed that the United States is closely monitoring the threat posed by Iran to the region, despite its recent withdrawal of the US aircraft carrier Nimitz from the region.

Kirby said in an exclusive interview with the American (Al-Hurra) channel today, Thursday, that "it is common for the Ministry of Defense to redeploy naval vessels, but we have naval assets to defend our interests and meet our needs and the security needs of our allies" in the region.

He stressed that the US military presence in the region would be "supportive of diplomacy", which would be followed by President Biden's administration, adding, "We are aware of the scale of Iranian threats and our military presence in the region is being reassessed, and we are in contact with General McKinsey, Commander of Central Command, about these capabilities." .

A Pentagon spokesman said that his country is aware of the threat that the Iraqi militias loyal to Iran pose to American interests in the Middle East region, saying: “Our forces are in Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi government to help Iraqi forces pursue ISIS, (but) the militias are a source of concern, because of their attacks. The American forces and infrastructure, and our forces have the right to defend themselves against any attack. "

Kirby acknowledged the improvement in the capabilities of the Iraqi forces since the beginning of the fight against ISIS in 2014, while stressing that confronting ISIS is a "joint effort."

John Kirby, a spokesman for the Pentagon, explained that the redeployment of US forces in Iraq is taking place "in consultation with military and regional leaders, and of course with the host country," meaning Iraq, explaining to the American "Al-Hurra" channel that the presence of American forces in Syria will continue. As long as there is a threat from ISIS.

He added, "Our presence in Syria is small and it focuses on pursuing ISIS in cooperation with the SDF, and that the threat of ISIS has decreased significantly over the past years, but it still exists, and as long as there is a need for us to confront it, we will continue."

The spokesman for the US Defense Department, John Kirby, renewed the US commitment to reaching a peaceful settlement of the crisis in Afghanistan, without confirming the withdrawal of forces from that country next May, according to an agreement reached by the administration of former President Trump.

Kirby said, "We have not made any decision regarding our forces in Afghanistan, any repositioning will be based on circumstances and on consultations with the Afghan government and our NATO allies," and currently we are reviewing the agreement to better understand it and know the extent of compliance, and we want a responsible end to this war through a political settlement that includes The Afghan government and a permanent ceasefire. "