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52 immigrants rescued near Spain's Canary Islands

The emergency authorities in Spain announced the rescue of 52 migrants who were on a boat south of the island of Gran Canaria.

The American (ABC) channel reported today, Wednesday, that the authorities pulled the boat towards the port of "Argenin" on Tuesday night and provided care for 10 immigrants suffering from hypothermia, and the immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa, including 29 women and nine minors.

And the network added that a search and rescue plane is still searching for about 200 people on board four migrant boats, which had made distress calls the previous day.

It is reported that the Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean has become the main route for migrants trying to reach from West Africa to Europe, and about 2,600 people have succeeded in completing the dangerous journey and reaching the Canary Islands since the beginning of this year.

Last year, 23,000 people arrived in the Canary Islands, while 849 people died and were missing during the trip, according to statistics from the United Nations Migration Agency.