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African Centers of Diseases: 30 cases and 15 deaths from Ebola in Congo and Guinea

Today, Wednesday, the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the African Union confirmed that member states have reported a total of 30 cases of (Ebola) disease and 15 deaths.

The African Centers for Disease Control stated - in a statistical statement about the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic - that the Democratic Republic of the Congo confirmed 12 injuries and 6 deaths, and two cases were cured, while Guinea recorded 18 cases and 9 deaths, and 6 cases were cured.

She explained that Sierra Leone had investigated 13 cases of infection with the (Ebola) virus, but confirmed that all cases were negative.

According to the World Health Organization website, the Ebola disease, formerly known as (Ebola hemorrhagic fever), infects humans, and the virus is transmitted to humans from wild animals and then transmits infection from the infected to the healthy, and the death rate among the infected is approximately 50% on average, and the rate ranged during previous waves of outbreaks. Between 25% and 90%.

The first cases of Ebola were discovered for the first time in 1976 in two epidemic outbreaks that broke out simultaneously in the Sudanese (Nazara) region and in a village in the Yambuku region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo located near the Ebola River from which the disease acquired its name.

Mentioning the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention supports all African countries to improve surveillance and response to emergencies and prevention of infectious diseases, including dealing with the spread of epidemics and natural and human disasters, as well as seeking to build capacity to reduce the burden of diseases on the continent.

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