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Ecuador allows travelers without a coronavirus test to enter those who have received the vaccine

The Ecuadorian authorities announced that they would allow entry to the country's territory without a negative test for the Corona virus for travelers who received a vaccine against the coronavirus, and the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism stated - according to the (Russia Today) channel - “that the National Committee has approved new rules for air travel, which will come into effect today. March 22, "stressing that travelers who have a certificate of vaccination against the Corona virus will be able to enter the country's territory without presenting the test results.

She added that in the absence of a vaccination certificate, the traveler will have to submit a negative test for Coronavirus, take it within 3 days before travel, or submit a positive test for the presence of antibodies.

She indicated that it would also be possible to enter Ecuador with a positive test for the Coronavirus, provided that the disease is cured within more than a month and without symptoms of the disease, and they have a medical certificate that they are in good health.

Ecuador had recorded 306,000 cases of coronavirus since the start of the epidemic, and 16.3,000 deaths from the virus.