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Egypt's ambassador to the Congo: Al-Ahly and Vita match in prime time ... and nothing new about the fans

Hamdy Shaaban, Egypt's ambassador to the Congo, revealed that the plane carrying the Al-Ahly mission heading to the Congo to face the Vita Club next Tuesday will arrive at nine in Cairo local time, indicating that he is coordinating with Samir Adly, the administrative director of the Red Team, regarding arrangements for Al-Ahly's residence in the Congo.

In statements to the "Sixth" program on Al-Ahly channel, the Egyptian ambassador to the Congo said that arrangements had been made with Vita Club officials regarding the timing of the training, and they agreed to the dates requested by Al-Ahly, and they are very cooperative, stressing that the training tomorrow at 4:30 in the afternoon, hotel reservations and arrangements. Arrival at the airport was coordinated.

Regarding the atmosphere in the Congo, the Egyptian ambassador said that the media deals with Al-Ahly that it is a great value and they know the destiny of Al-Ahly as the club of the century in Africa and they are represented by a kind of dazzling team that won the bronze in the Club World Cup and the presence of Al-Ahly is a great value for them.

He continued, "With regard to the Coronavirus measures, there are the precautionary measures that they will take by sterilizing the dressing rooms, and all necessary precautions have been followed, and the match is without fans, and according to CAF requirements, there will be no more than 3 thousand people in the stadium."

The Egyptian ambassador added, "I do not know the decision of the CAF president regarding preventing the attendance of fans for matches, and the last thing I learned was the presence of 3 thousand fans, and the highest temperature is at noon in the afternoon and most of the stadiums are not lit, but the stadium on which the match is held is lit and the average temperature is from 32 to 35 degrees, and there." A high degree of humidity and the match was chosen on the date to make the task difficult for Al-Ahly.

He pointed out that the stadium is not far from the residence hotel, and Al-Ahly will participate in my training on the main stadium for the match, given that the match is held on the floor of artificial turf.