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Export for Food Industries: Egypt is the first in the world in the export of frozen strawberries

Despite the global crisis that all commercial markets are going through since the spread of the Corona virus, the Egyptian food industries were able to achieve the highest rates of export in the world compared to the exports of the rest of the countries and among the most prominent Egyptian commodities that achieved the first places in the world in exporting frozen strawberries and Egypt was able to be the largest exporter in the world. Of frozen strawberries, according to UN data in 2019, and their exports in 2020 recorded a value of $ 153 million, a growth of 2% over the previous year.


According to the statistics of the Food Industries Export Council, of which Al-Youm Al-Sabea obtained a copy, Egypt was able to rank third in the world in the production of pickled olives, "table olives", and the volume of exports from it in 2020 amounted to $ 112 million, and Egypt ranked third in the world in onions. The dryer in 2019 and continuing to date to achieve the value of exports of it in 2020, worth 41 million dollars.


With regard to exports of the largest food commodities during the year 2020, exports of soft drinks industry concentrates amounted to 317 million dollars, followed by edible oils with a value of 215 million dollars, a growth of 18% compared to the previous year in 2019, sugar exports with a value of 163 million dollars, a growth of 20%, and flour with a value of 165 million In addition, Egypt achieved global centers of frozen vegetables, with a value of $ 160 million, with a growth of 33%.


While Egypt's exports of processed cheese declined by about 39% during the past year due to the closure that the whole world witnessed at the height of the spread of the Coronavirus, and recorded a value of only $ 90 million, and exports of yeasts recorded $ 38 million, and exports of pasta rose by about 29%.


With regard to the most important countries, Saudi Arabia topped the first in the world in importing manufactured food commodities from Egypt during the year 2020, with exports amounting to 310 million dollars, followed by America in second place with a value of 181 million dollars, and Jordan with 169 million dollars, and Yemen came in fourth place with a value of 166 million Dollars, and in fifth place is Libya with total exports amounting to 163 million dollars.

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