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Hamza Al-Gamal reveals the magic mixture of the Ismaili return to the Golden Age

Hamza Al-Jamal, the former Ismaili star and technical director of the Omani Federation, revealed his position on nominating Ihab Jalal to train the dervishes to succeed the Bosnian Dragan Jovic, who apologized for continuing in his post.

Hamza al-Jamal said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”: “The Ismaili fans always recommend me to lead the yellow team, and I will not enter into any details about the failure of the administration to seek the help of my efforts. He has the merit of me either as a player or whether to nominate him to coach the Ismaili, and this is a debt in my neck that I will return to the Yellow Castle one day.

He continued: "I studied the art of recovering football institutions and how to restore confidence to the players. Ismaeli needs quick scientific solutions to the club’s situation, and the decision to dismiss the coach or apologize is evidence of confusion. If the coach apologized, he would have not accepted his apology, considering that he is linked to a contract with the club, and if he is dismissed, how can the dismissal decision be taken Coach and you are not ready with an alternate plan. "

On the possibility of Ihab Jalal taking on the Ismaili training, Hamza El-Gamal commented: "A distinguished coach, but he will not succeed alone. We must provide him with the means for success and support him and support him, players, management and fans. He must be given all the powers so that he succeeds whether in choosing his auxiliary and administrative apparatus without any interference.

The Bosnian Dragan Jovi, the technical director of the first football team in the Ismaili club, apologized for the continuation of the interest in the leadership of the dervishes, as Ali Abu Grisha, head of the Ismaili Technical Committee, announced that the Bosnian Dragan Joviش had submitted an apology for not continuing with the dervishes.

Earlier, Hamza El-Gamal, the star of the Ismaili club and the former Egyptian national team, revealed that he had taken charge of training the Omani Federation for two seasons, and Hamza El-Gamal said in exclusive statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea: “The training contracts of the Omani Federation were signed shortly ago. The hopes and aspirations of the team. "

Hamza Al-Jamal previously coached Al-Nasr and Dhofar Al-Omani clubs, and he is admired by officials in the Sultanate of Oman after he achieved outstanding results there.

Earlier, the Sohar Club of Oman announced the failure of negotiations with Hamza Al-Jamal, the former Ismaili star to take over the team's training, and Sohar Club said that the final negotiations with the Egyptian coach Hamzah Al-Jamal reached a dead end.

Sohar club said in an official statement, "The coach, after his arrival, imposed new conditions and refused to enter the approved residence, and was transferred to a hotel in the state temporarily, after which he requested to return to his country, and a European coach will be negotiated to lead the team during the coming period."