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If you decide to quit smoking .. 5 tips to skip the withdrawal period

If you have decided to quit smoking, this is half the battle, especially since cigarette smoking is one of the most common addictions in the world, and it is difficult to overcome that, and there are some tips to help you get rid of this deadly bad habit, where you only need to take The decision to stop smoking was recommended by the Indian psychiatrist Priyanka Mahajan, according to the "Times News" network.

Here are 5 tips to help you quit smoking:

1- Determine the date

When you decide to quit smoking, always set a date for that and you must prepare yourself well for this step, as it is preferable to start this step during your vacation period because you need some time to restore your balance and work should not hinder you from achieving the job goal.

2- Tell your friends and family of your decision

Psychological support from those around you plays an important role when you decide to stop smoking, from your family, friends, and most importantly your partner, and finding a friend who is also willing to quit smoking will shorten your distance a lot, as you will support each other to achieve this goal.

3- Be well prepared for withdrawal symptoms

It is normal to experience symptoms during the period of quitting smoking, in the form of increased irritability, insomnia and slight tremors, it is better to be well prepared for that and not give in to these difficult times that pass for you during this stage, and try to always maintain your motivation to stop smoking.

4- Get rid of cigarettes from your surroundings

Once you have determined the date to quit smoking, take some time to get rid of cigarette packs, lighters and everything related to smoking from all places around you, as this helps you to quit smoking easily, and it is also advised to clean all areas and clothes that emit the smell of cigarette smoke so that they do not remind you of them.

5- Talk to your doctor

You have to seek help from your doctor by giving you prescriptions that will help you during the period of smoking cessation. There are medicines that help people during the period of quitting smoking, such as spray lozenges available that act as an alternative to nicotine.