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Mohamed Al-Nani is close to renewing his contract with Arsenal

Alaa Nazmi, the agent of Mohamed El Nani, the star of Arsenal and Egypt, revealed that playing for the national team is the greatest thing in Nani's life, stressing that the player sacrifices for the sake of his country, and nothing else hinders him from his representation.

Nazmi added, in televised statements to the Ontime Stadium program, on On Time Sports, with the journalist Saif Zaher: "I was expecting to score a goal in today's match, because whenever he goes through difficulties, the generosity of God awaits him."

The Nani agent denied the existence of a deal requiring the transfer of the Arsenal player to the Turkish league, explaining that these are all unfounded rumors, stressing that Nani is happy to be in Arsenal and the club is happy with his presence and there is no intention of his departure.

Alaa Nazmy continued: "Al-Nani has learned a lot from his professional period, and he has a year left with Arsenal and is close to renewal dramatically. In the recent period, he has won the confidence of his coach Arteta, and he himself wishes to stay with Al Janners."

The Egyptian national football team, led by Hossam El-Badry, beat the Comoros team 4/0 in the meeting that brought them together at Cairo Stadium in the sixth and final round of the qualifiers for the African Nations 2022 in Cameroon.