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Paradoxically, Al-Ahly conceded more goals in the first half than scored

In a strange and rare paradox, the goals received by Al-Ahly team in the first half during the matches it fought in the current season of the Egyptian League were more than the goals they scored in the first 45 minutes of the match, a paradox that reveals the size of the great discrepancy between the performance of the Red Eagles in the first half about Second half.

Al-Ahly scored only 3 goals over the course of its first-half matches this season, during the 10 matches the red team fought, while the 4 matches it had not played so far were postponed, while its nets met 4 goals during the first half, which is a strange paradox, where the seriousness of the Pitso Musimani brigade shows The second half, unlike the first 45 minutes.

While Al-Ahly scored 19 goals in the second half out of 21 goals that the Red Eagles scored in the current season, which is a big paradox due to the difference in the score between the two halves of the match, and the seriousness and ferocity of Al-Ahly's offensive in the second half, not the first.

Al-Ahly's three goals came in the first half in the Al-Maqasa, Al-Ittihad Al-Iskandari and Al-Jaish matches, while its matches were completely decided in the second half, as they did not succeed in scoring more than one goal in the first half in the three matches.

The goals of the four he received in the first half in the clearing matches were "goal", the Arab Contractors "two goals", and Vanguard Al-Jaysh "goal."

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