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The benefits of corona vaccines ... reduce the chances of developing dangerous diseases

Corona virus vaccine programs have been considered one of the greatest achievements of mankind, and the evidence derived from previous vaccines indicates that the benefits of these vaccines can exceed viral protection, as the benefits of vaccines are not limited to resistance to viruses, but they can provide a range of additional benefits, according to a report published in a newspaper. (Daily Mail) British.

The report of the British newspaper provides an example of the benefits of vaccines in resisting many dangerous diseases, as is the case with the vaccine (BCG) that protects against tuberculosis, as it is also used to treat bladder cancer patients who suffer from non-invasive tumors and is given directly into the bladder to help the immune system. On the fight against cancer, moreover, bladder cancer patients who receive this vaccine are less likely to develop Alzheimer's.

Accordingly, some experts suggest that vaccines can train the immune system in general and strengthen its defenses to fight diseases in general, not just viral, which applies to modern vaccines to combat the Corona virus, such as Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

Benefits of the Pfizer Bionic and Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines

Recent studies have shown that the two Corona vaccines, which are recognized in Britain, namely Pfizer Biontec and Oxford AstraZenka, reduce the incidence of serious diseases, as a new British study also found that a single dose of the Corona virus vaccine (Pfizer Biontec) reduces the number of infections without symptoms and can significantly reduce The risk of transmission.

The results also indicate a four-fold decrease in asymptomatic transmission of Coronavirus infection among health care workers who were vaccinated for more than 12 days, and this limits some of the concerns related to the spread of this virus.

For his part, Dr. Mike Wicks, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Cambridge Medical School, and one of the participants in that study, described the results as impressive, explaining that the Pfizer vaccine not only provides protection from infection with the Covid 19 virus, but also helps in preventing infection, which reduces the possibility Transmission of the virus to others.

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