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The intensity of the protests in Lebanon has subsided ... and the "dollar nightmare" continues

Yesterday, Saturday evening, the manifestations of popular movements in Lebanon that had erupted earlier in the afternoon in protest against the severe deterioration in the economic and living conditions, while many exchange institutions, commercial activities and foodstuff stores closed their doors at an early date due to the rapid collapse in The exchange rate of the Lebanese pound against the US dollar.


Many Lebanese regions witnessed marches and protests denouncing the deterioration of living and economic conditions, and the demonstrators resorted to closing the streets, main roads and highways, using obstacles and rubber tires after setting them on fire, in addition to the outbreak of limited skirmishes in the center of the capital Beirut near the headquarters of the Parliament between numbers. Of the demonstrators and the security forces in charge of securing and guarding Parliament.


Participants in the popular protest movements denounced the high cost of living in light of the continuous decline in the exchange rate of the Lebanese pound against the dollar, which exceeded 12 thousand pounds to one dollar in the parallel (black) market ... indicating that this deterioration in the price of the national currency is causing great living burdens, In the forefront of which are the high prices of foodstuffs and essential commodities.


Participants in the protest movements emphasized that their popular anger will continue in the face of the political authority, carrying it the consequences of the financial, economic and monetary collapse and poor basic services, and expressing their rejection of the existing policies in Lebanon, especially at the economic level.


They said that their resentment goes beyond the collapse of the Lebanese pound exchange rate to other basic matters, foremost among which is the worsening electricity crisis and their forced reliance on subscriptions to private electrical generators owned by other people to compensate for the electricity deficit, the lack of fuel in a number of areas, and the stations determining the quantities of gasoline sold for each Car and vehicle, in addition to the failure of a number of gas stations to adhere to the selling prices set by the state


For its part, many food stores and "supermarkets" as well as various economic activities closed their doors this afternoon suddenly and before the official closing dates, which range between 8 and 10 pm, as merchants and shop owners justified this in light of the "crazy rise in The exchange rate of the dollar, "as many of them put it.


Many shopkeepers and commercial activities, who started closing their stores from 4 in the afternoon, expressed their fear of the deterioration in the exchange rate of the Syrian Pound against the dollar in a manner that would entail significant losses on them in light of the prices of selling goods and products to the public of consumers.

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