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The White House: Biden reviews Trump's decision to include Cuba on the state sponsor of terrorism list

 The White House said that President Joe Biden's administration is reviewing the decision taken by the administration of former President Donald Trump in its last days to designate Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, but making a broad change in policy on Cuba is not one of Biden's priorities at present, and White House spokeswoman Jane Sackey said that the administration is in no hurry. In making major gestures towards Communist-ruled Cuba, despite hopes for a softer approach after the breakthrough that was achieved under Barack Obama and which Trump backed down.

These statements confirm what a senior White House official made to Reuters last week, requesting anonymity, that the policy pursued with Cuba is not among the main things Biden is focusing on now.

"The change in policy towards Cuba is not among President Biden's priorities at this time," Sacchi told reporters in the daily briefing.

"But we are committed to making human rights a fundamental pillar of US policy, and we are carefully reviewing the political decisions taken during the previous administration, including the decision to designate Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism," she added.

Nine days before leaving office, the Trump administration announced on January 11 that it would return Cuba to the US list of state sponsors of terrorism, based on the sheltering of Havana Americans and Colombian rebel leaders and its security support for Venezuela's socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

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