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The White House on Cuomo's accusations of harassment: Every woman should be heard and treated with respect

White House spokeswoman Gene Saki said about allegations of sexual misconduct against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo that every woman should be heard and treated with dignity and respect.

A reporter said at the daily press conference that the third woman who accused Cuomo of inappropriate behavior worked in the campaign of US President Joe Biden.

The White House spokeswoman did not say whether Biden or his deputy, Kamala Harris, would handle the issue on their own, simply saying her comments reflected their views on the issue.

Jane Saki was also asked about the concerns of some Americans about the varying rates of effectiveness of the three approved virus vaccines.

The moderna and Pfizer vaccines have proven to be more effective than the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but the latter vaccine is easier to store and can be given with one dose instead of two.

Saki echoed recent statements by public health experts, as she encouraged Americans to receive any vaccine offered to them in their states.

"Whatever vaccine you can get, you should take this vaccine," Sacchi said.

Saki confirmed that the Biden administration had agreed to sanctions against seven Russian officials in connection with the poisoning and imprisonment of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny.

Saki revealed that the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will soon release detailed data on sanctions.

"The intelligence community assesses with high confidence that officers of the Russian Federal Security Service used nerve gas to poison the leader of the Russian opposition Alexei Navalny," she added.

Joe Biden harshly criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin last month, when Navalny was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison in a colony, sparking protests across Russia.