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New Corona symptoms .. 6 signs that reveal infection with the virus

The new symptoms of Corona were the result of the changes and changes followed by the Coronavirus, and according to what Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health, stated during the meeting of the Supreme Committee for Corona Crisis Management, there are new symptoms for Corona virus patients.


New Corona symptoms

According to the developments in the Corona virus and the emergence of new strains from it, we note the difference in symptoms and their severity accordingly, as the Minister of Health indicated that the new symptoms of Corona include:

1- Severe inflammation of the eye membrane

2- The spread of a rash

3- Hearing loss

4- Pain and palpitations

5- Feeling tired and intense body pain

6- Headache

The symptoms of the new Corona are increasing with the virus mutation, as there has become a long list of symptoms, it not only affects people differently, but even the signs and symptoms can be different.

There are also long-term symptoms caused by infection with the Coronavirus, such as hair loss, as the Indian site indicated that a large number of people recovering from Corona suffer from hair loss as a major effect after recovering from it.

New Corona symptoms referred to by the "Times or India" website, such as mouth ulcers, raised bumps and glossitis, in addition to the emergence of cases suffering from swelling of the skin, fingers and toes, as it is considered a rare symptom and must be taken care of, besides blood clotting, it is one of the increasing side effects. Which was reported by Corona virus patients, as it has been proven that the virus spreads quickly in the body and works to coagulate blood vessels and disrupts healthy blood flow through the veins, so it is very important to monitor blood sugar levels and pressure and look for signs of inflammation to avoid consequences later.

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