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A former Johnson aide attacks the British government: Dealing with Corona did not live up to expected

Dominic Cummings, a former aide to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, attacked the government in its handling of the Corona crisis in the country, saying that its response was late.

The British newspaper The Independent commented on Cummings' statements by saying that Johnson had offered to be injected with the Coronavirus nearly a year ago, to reassure the public that there was no reason to fear, before he was actually infected and hospitalized.

This exceptional allegation came as Dominic Cummings, a former Johnson aide, presented evidence of the government's handling of the epidemic, stressing that the measures taken by ministers and officials during the crisis "did not rise to catastrophically expected standards."

Speaking at a House of Commons committee, Johnson's former aide to lawmakers said: “The view of various officials was that if we had the prime minister chairing Cobra meetings and telling everyone it was flu, don't worry about it, I would get Chris Whitty to inject me directly on TV with the coronavirus until Everyone understands that there is nothing to fear that will not actually help in a serious panic. "

The Daily Mail reported before the hearing that Johnson described the virus as "kung fu flu" at the start of the epidemic, and that he was ready to be injected on TV by England's chief medical officer.

In April of last year - shortly after the order was issued for a national lockdown in the country - the prime minister fell ill with Covid-19, along with other senior officials, and later spent several days in intensive care.