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Changes in the media system for Zamalek after a reassessment of performance

The committee appointed to manage the Zamalek club, headed by Hussein Labib, decided to make changes in the club's media system after re-evaluating the performance of the media system during the last period, especially since the past period did not witness any development in the media system except for some matters.

A source inside the Zamalek Club revealed that the work of the media system during the past period has not witnessed any development at the level of the official website of the Zamalek Club, and that there is a tendency to reduce the number of workers in the media system, indicating that the process of reducing employment may extend to some leaders of the official website and the entire media system.

On the other hand, the Zamalek club management committee, headed by Hussein Labib, opened the professional file of Mustafa Mohamed, the striker of the first football team for the Turkish Galata Saray team, in the January transfers, where the player moved to the Turkish club for a season and a half on loan with the intention of selling.

The new Zamalek club committee discussed the file of Mustafa Mohamed related to the player's signing of a new contract with the White Castle in blank, and it has not yet been registered with the Football Association, and the committee recommended that all matters related to this contract should be terminated and registered in Jabalaya as soon as the registration door is opened, so that the player becomes restricted. In Zamalek club, with a new extended contract, he is not entitled to leave without the approval of his club.

The committee also decided to summon Mustafa Mohamed upon his arrival in Cairo as soon as possible, to hold a session with the player and inquire from him about the new offers he had received and his desire to activate the final sale contract for Galata Saray or return to Zamalek, or to become professional in other clubs that made him an offer.