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European Commission: € 2.1 billion to support Germany's mobile infrastructure

Under the European Union's state aid rules, the European Commission approved today, Tuesday, a € 2.1 billion German aid plan to support deployment, operation and access to high-performance mobile infrastructure in regions serving 2G networks and below.

"This plan, valued at 2.1 billion euros, will enable the provision of high-performance mobile services to citizens, and will achieve a large capacity for the mobile phone network and help provide it in most regions," said Margaret Westager, Vice President of the Commission in charge of competition policy, in a statement to the Commission today. Currently in need in Germany. "

"All mobile network operators will have equal access to infrastructure, so the plan will enhance competition for consumers, bridge the digital divide, reduce inequalities and ensure seamless communication ... We have worked closely with German authorities to enable the transfer of funds," she added. Public to regions that most need better connectivity, in line with the European Union's ambition to achieve efficient mobile data and voice communication everywhere in Europe. "

This plan will support the provision of high-performance mobile services based on Long Term Evolution (LTE - the fourth generation mobile communications standard) and the latest generations of mobile network technology, including 5G, which will enable high-speed Internet connections.

The Commission considered that this procedure will lead to a gradual change in terms of providing mobile phone services in the targeted areas, respecting the principle of technological neutrality and fair, open and non-discriminatory access to the passive supported mobile phone, and the infrastructure will be guaranteed.

On this basis, the Commission concluded that this plan is in line with the rules of state aid in the European Union, and contributes to the strategic objectives of the European Union as it will help reduce the importance of inequality and the digital divide in Germany.