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Financial: Increasing the stay of goods in customs warehouses from 6 to 9 months

 Re-launch the new draft of the "customs list" for community dialogue for a week from today

Preferential benefits to stimulate investment in dry ports and special economic zones

Temporarily allowing the acceptance of paper and electronic goods documents, in order to facilitate dealers with customs

Head of the Customs Authority: Managing the risk system and determining the automatic customs clearance paths ... to consolidate transparency


Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, responded to the comments made by the business community on the draft executive regulations for the new customs law, and decided to re-launch the draft of this regulation for community dialogue again for a period of a week, starting today, taking into account the proposals and observations of customs dealers, directing the publication of the new draft of this regulation. On the website of the Ministry of Finance: www.mof.gov.eg and the website of the Customs Authority: www.customs.gov.eg, in order to come up with a consensual formula that contributes to stimulating investment, expanding the export base and enhancing the competitiveness of Egyptian products in global markets.


The Minister affirmed his keenness to establish bridges of trust with the business community; As an authentic partner in the unprecedented developmental movement that Egypt is witnessing; In a way that contributes to strengthening the structure of the national economy, in a way that is reflected in improving the standard of living of citizens and improving the services provided to them, explaining that responding to the remarks of those dealing with customs in the draft of this regulation is a real process translation of the community dialogue mechanism that the Ministry of Finance adopted in proposing draft laws and new regulations. In the context of the serious endeavor to develop and automate work systems according to the latest international experiences and practices, to deepen the pillars of transparency, national partnership, and to strengthen governance.


The minister said that the most important amendments made in the draft executive regulations of the new customs law, in response to the business community, are: to increase the period of stay of goods in customs warehouses from 6 to 9 months, with the possibility of extending this period to other periods with the approval of the President of the Customs Authority, and creating a special chapter for each From dry ports, free zones and economic zones of a special nature, including the customs procedures and regulations that each of them includes, so that they are granted preferential advantages to stimulate investment in them, and to temporarily allow the acceptance of documents for incoming, exported and transient goods in paper along with the automated system until the completion of the electronic platform "Window"; To make it easier for those dealing with customs.


Al-Shahat Ghattoury, Head of the Customs Authority, indicated that the draft executive regulations for the new customs law have emphasized the automatic management of the risk system, so that the customs release paths for imported, exported and transit goods are determined electronically without human intervention. To consolidate transparency, pointing to the protection of the rights of shipping agents and carriers not to bring any charges against them related to customs violations, unless it is proven that they committed them.


He explained that the fees and services provided by the Customs Authority, and a "valid" system, were separated from the substantive provisions of the executive regulations of the new customs law, and they were referred to “annexes” attached to the regulation, in order to facilitate dealers with customs, pointing to the regulation of grievance procedures against decisions of various customs administrations Appeals against the decisions of customs clearance disciplinary bodies; In a way that guarantees establishing the foundations of justice.


He added that any comments from the business community on the new draft of the executive regulations of the customs law will be received by e-mail: leaha@customs.gov.eg, until next Tuesday, and any comments received after that will not be considered.