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Like Al-Naharda .. A historic remontada of Al-Ahly in front of Ismaily with "Super Hattrick" Toto

On this day, May 31, 1953, Mr. Hussein Attia "Tutu", the former Al-Ahly star, managed to score the net of Ismaily and his veteran goalkeeper Hammam four times in the match that was held in Cairo, and the red giant managed to turn his back on in the first half with two goals scored by Fathi Nafeh in the minute. The third and Damian in the 35th minute, to a five-goal victory in the second half, including Toto Super Hattrick in the minutes 50, 58, 80 and 84, and was punctuated by a penalty kick scored by Fathy Khattab in the empty net of the Ismaili goalkeeper Hammam, who objected to the correctness of the penalty kick in the 63rd minute.

Toto is the most successful super-hat-trick in the history of the league with a score of 3 times, and Toto scored the first super hat-trick in the history of the Egyptian league in the Olympic box on October 7, 1949.

Mohamed Attia, famous for Toto, the late Al-Ahly star, was born in the city of Tanta in 1926, and he began his career with football at the Tanta club at the age of 17 years, and in 1947 he was caught by the eyes of Al-Ahly legend Mahmoud Mukhtar Al-Tach to offer him to join the Al-Ahly club, which happened two years later, specifically at the end 1948-1949 season

Tutu imposed himself a star in a generation that included dozens of stars, headed by Maestro Salih Saleem, but his physical strength and exceptional skills made him an indispensable player in the generation of the fifties.

The most prominent of his skills were powerful and accurate shooting at goal from long distances. With Al-Ahly, Tutu won 15 full championships with nine titles for the League and six for the Egypt Cup, and represented the Egypt national team for more than ten years. Tutu was in love with scoring the net in the Derby matches, where he scored 10 goals against Zamalek, including 7 in the league, one goal and two in a friendly match.

His most famous match against Zamalek was in March 1954, when he scored three "hat-trick" goals in the summit match, which ended with Al-Ahly winning 4-2. Toto is one of only three Al-Ahly players who scored a hat-trick in the summit matches after Mokhtar Al Tach in the Cairo Region League 1930 on the day Al-Ahly won 4-0 and Khaled Bebo, who scored a four in Al-Ahly's victory 6-1 in Derby in 2001, Toto preferred to end his career as a player in his club's ranks. Tanta and then took over his training as well. He departed from our world in October 2008, after his name was engraved with letters of light in the history of Al-Ahly.