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Minister of Finance: 25 billion pounds to finance the increase in salaries for state workers

Minister of Finance:

Disbursing the new increases for state employees with July salary

The new increases raise the minimum wage to 2,400 pounds for the sixth degree and 3,120 pounds for the third

One billion pounds to finance the "promotion bonus" for those who meet the conditions set for the next 30th of June


Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, confirmed that the new financial increases will be disbursed to workers in the state's administrative apparatus, along with the salary for next July. In a way that contributes to improving their wages and lifting the burdens on their shoulders, in a manner consistent with the efforts made by the state to enhance spending to improve the standard of living of citizens and facilitate decent livelihoods, pointing out that 25 billion pounds have been allocated in the budget for the next fiscal year to finance these new financial increases. It includes the periodic allowance for addressed persons in the Civil Service Law, the special allowance for non-speakers, and the additional incentive granted to all of them.


He added that the promotions of employees who meet the promotion requirements will be funded on June 30th. In order to achieve an improvement in their wages by the value of the "promotion bonus" legally determined at a total cost of one billion pounds, indicating that a financial incentive was allocated to workers transferred to the New Administrative Capital at a total cost of 1.5 billion pounds.


The minister explained that the periodical allowance for those addressed by the provisions of the Civil Service Law will be calculated at a rate of 7% of the job wage, with a minimum of 75 pounds per month, without a maximum, and this allowance is considered part of the employee's salary, and it will be added to it as of July 1, 2021. For those not addressed by the provisions of the Civil Service Law, a special allowance of 13% of the basic wage or the equivalent in the comprehensive remuneration for each of them on 30 June 2021 or upon appointment for those appointed after this date with a minimum of 75 pounds per month, without a maximum, and this bonus is considered Part of the basic wage for the worker and to be added to it as of July 1, 2021, pointing out that the monthly special allowance applies to employees of the state's administrative apparatus, local administration units, and permanent and temporary public bodies with a comprehensive remuneration and those with public positions and fixed connections inside Egypt, who are not addressed by the provisions of the Civil Service Law, And workers in the state whose employment is regulated by special laws or regulations.


The minister indicated that, as of next July's salary, the planned increase in the monthly additional incentive will be disbursed to employees addressed by the provisions of the Civil Service Law and workers not addressed by it, in financial categories cut at the rate of 175 pounds for the sixth, fifth and fourth degree occupants, 225 pounds for third-degree occupants, and 275 pounds for occupants The second class, 325 pounds for first-class occupants, 350 pounds for the occupants of the general manager’s or senior’s rank, 375 pounds for high class occupants, and 400 pounds for the first class occupants or the equivalent of each, and whoever is appointed after this date benefits from this, and this incentive is part of the wage Complementary or variable wage.

He added that these new financial increases for workers in the state's administrative apparatus were reflected in raising the minimum wage from 2000 to 2400 pounds for the sixth degree, from 2200 to 2640 pounds for the fifth degree, and from 2400 to 2880 for the fourth degree, and from 2600 to 3120 pounds for the third degree, and from 3 Thousands to 3600 pounds for the second class, from 3500 to 4200 pounds for the first class, from 4 thousand to 4800 pounds for the grade of general director, and from 5,000 to 6 thousand pounds for the high class, and from 7 thousand to 8,400 pounds for the excellent class.