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Moroccan police clash with migrants near the Spanish enclave of Ceuta

Eyewitnesses confirmed that Moroccan security forces clashed with hundreds of migrants in the town of Fnideq, near the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, on Wednesday evening, and that the two sides exchanged stones throwing.

According to "Russia Today", hundreds of migrants defied strict security measures to try to reach the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, while Spain continued to expel thousands who arrived there by swimming or climbing over the past two days.

The Spanish authorities said that they were able to expel about two-thirds of the nearly eight thousand immigrants who managed to reach the enclave during the past two days, including children without a companion, some of them not older than seven years.

Ceuta Mayor Juan Jesوسs Vivas initially accused Rabat of failing to guard its side of the border, in a possible response to Spain's secret reception of the leader of the "Polisario" front for treatment.