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North Korea's leader warns against wearing ripped jeans, nose piercings, and printed shirts

Kim Jong Un, President of North Korea, has announced that citizens will be banned from wearing skinny jeans, Mullet's short front and long hair from the back, and other Western-style haircuts, fearing that the fashion will lead to capitalist incentives among the youth, and avoiding any influence from outside, especially from the West.


According to a report from North Korea's state newspaper, Roding Sinmun, Kim fears Western influence on the nation's youth, with skinny and ripped jeans seen as a sign of an invasion of the capitalist lifestyle.


And the Daily Express newspaper indicated, that the president has allowed 15 different hairstyles in North Korea, such as mullet, as well as hair dye, nose and ear piercing, and T-shirts printed with slogans are also included in the banned list.


Measures are also being taken against pop music from South Korea, and the violator is subject to severe penalties, as homes are constantly searched, and the police break into homes to arrest the violator and impose and implement penalties.