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Putin: Russia is the only one transferring the technology to produce Corona vaccines

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his country is the only country that transfers technology for producing anti-Coronavirus vaccines to other countries.


"Russia is the only country that transmits technologies for producing vaccines," Putin said during a meeting of the Supreme Economic Council of the Eurasian Economic Union via "video conference" today, indicating that the possibility of deploying such technologies in Armenia and Kyrgyzstan is being considered.


It is reported that the Eurasian Economic Union includes Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.


It is noteworthy that Russia has three vaccines against the "Corona" virus, which are "Sputnik V" from the Jamalia Research Center, "Apivac Corona" and "Kovivac" .. The Russian "Sputnik V" vaccine is the first vaccine developed in the world. Against the "Corona" virus, as the famous medical journal "The Lancet" reported that the results of the third phase of clinical trials for this Russian vaccine showed that its effectiveness is more than 90%, and this vaccine has been registered so far in more than 60 countries in the world, while receiving the first two doses And the second of it so far in Russia is millions of citizens within the framework of a free vaccination campaign, and in addition to these three vaccines, Russia has begun to register a fourth vaccine called "Sputnik Light", which consists of only one dose.