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Suspending the fate of Coman in Barcelona

Barcelona club president Juan Laporta postponed deciding the future of Dutch coach Ronald Koeman, coach of the team, for a week, during which he would be informed whether to stay in Barca's leadership or to leave, following a meeting between the two parties in the presence of the coach's agent.

According to the Spanish newspaper "Sport", the decision to suspend the decision came from the club's president, Juan Laporta, who wants to consult his close associates about Ronald Koeman's future, especially since the latter wants to know the final decision to determine his next destination.

The Spanish newspaper "Mundo Deportivo" said that the president of Barcelona club, Juan Laporta, arrived at the "Camp Nou" stadium with his assistants, and stated that the meeting is more than important as it will be decisive for the fate of the Dutch coach, after reports spread recently about his imminent departure The Catalan club after achieving the cup title.

The newspaper indicated that Barcelona's football director Matteo Alemani and Vice President Rafa Yusti will attend the meeting, which Koeman's agent will be absent from.

As the journalist Ramon Salmore confirmed in statements to Radio Catalunya: "Everything indicates that the meeting with Koeman will be in order to terminate his contract."

His colleague, Radio Catalonia, Luis Canute, opposed him, saying: "Logic says that signing with Vinaldum, which is Coman's request, is a sign of his continuation, otherwise he will be very disappointed."