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The European Union allows travelers who received doses of Corona vaccines to enter its territory

The European Union agreed to allow travelers from other countries to enter its territory, provided that they had received the necessary doses of anti-corona virus vaccines licensed in Europe.

France 24 news channel quoted European sources this evening as saying that representatives of European Union member states agreed today to allow entry to the territory of the Union for travelers from other countries who have received the necessary doses of anti-Covid-19 vaccines, which are licensed at the European level.

The bloc closed its external borders in March 2020 for "non-essential" travel, and from June imposed a list of countries whose residents can enter its lands.

With the summer tourism season approaching, ambassadors from the 27 countries endorsed this recommendation put forward by the European Commission, although it is not binding. The Union seeks to coordinate its procedures on its external borders due to their implications for freedom of movement within its territory.