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The Football Association: Ibrahim Nour El-Din's decisions in the Al-Masry and Al-Ittihad match are sound, and there are no penalties for him

Officials of the Referees Committee of the Football Association revealed that the decisions of the international referee, Ibrahim Nour El-Din, who managed the match yesterday in the league between Al-Masry and Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, were sound, and there is no validity to what is reported about the referee making influential arbitration errors.

The committee officials explained that after reviewing Nour al-Din's decisions, it was found to be correct, especially the shot of the canceled goal of Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, where the ruling applied the law stipulating that if the ball collided in the hands of the attacker and benefited from it, it must be counted against him with a hand touch and an indirect free kick, and therefore canceling a goal Alexandria Union is a sound decision.

Committee officials confirmed that there are no sanctions against international referee Ibrahim Noureddine after yesterday's match.

The Board of Directors of Al Ittihad of Alexandria, headed by Mohamed Moselhy, issued an official statement protesting the arbitration performance, especially referee Ibrahim Nour El-Din, who managed the Al-Ittihad and Al-Masry match, which brought the two teams together yesterday evening at Alexandria Stadium, in the 23rd round of the General League competition, which ended. The victory of the Port Said team with a clean goal.

The text of the Alexandria Union statement is as follows:

The management of Al-Ittihad Alexandria Club regrets the poor level of the refereeing team who managed yesterday's match for Al-Ittihad Alexandria against the Egyptian Port Said club, which was managed by the referee Ibrahim Nour El-Din, as he was not successful at all and took many decisions that hurt the team, most notably the cancellation of a legitimate goal, as he witnessed And all those who followed the match made sure that the player Emmanuel Okoye did not deliberately touch the ball with his hand at all to the point where the player's hand was attached to his body before passing the ball that resulted in a goal for player Abdul Ghani Mohamed, which deprived Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria from the goal of progress that negatively affected the outcome of the match, as well as the calculation of the referee The match for a penalty kick for the opposing team is completely doubtful of its validity due to the natural contact between the players, both of whom wish to possess the ball.

The club’s board of directors confirms its deep dissatisfaction with the performance of the refereeing team, whose decisions contributed greatly to the team’s loss for today's match, despite the previous request from the Egyptian Football Association, Al Ittihad Club of Alexandria not to assign any match to the referee of Ibrahim Noureddine. His matches are always and always accompanied by controversial events and decisions.

 The club management also demanded the necessity of appointing distinguished referees to manage the remaining matches of the competition, especially since such events negatively affect and increase the frustration of the masses because they feel injustice and injustice towards their team.