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Vietnam closes Hanoi airport to incoming flights after discovering a new strain of Corona

The Vietnamese authorities announced today, Monday, that the "Hanoi Bai International" airport will be closed to planes coming from abroad until next June 7, after Vietnam recently announced the discovery of a new mutated strain of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19).

The authorities said - according to the British "Sky News" network - that the flights departing to Vietnam were not affected by the decision.


And the authorities of the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, have banned all religious gatherings or activities, as part of measures to limit the outbreak of the new Corona virus (Covid-19).

The Vietnamese newspaper "Vietnam News" reported on its website, that this step came after the emergence of a mass of Covid-19 infection in "Ho Chi Minh", the largest city in Vietnam in terms of population, pointing out that the cause of the infection was a church mission that caused the transmission of the virus. For more than 50 people within two days.

The newspaper pointed out that, in order to stop further outbreaks, the Hanoi authorities asked religious organizations, prominent personalities, their officials and followers to cooperate with the city to combat the pandemic by prohibiting religious activities until other instructions are issued, and it also urged them to hold their lectures and events online.

Hanoi authorities also asked religious organizations to urge citizens to inform the authorities or treatment institutions quickly of any possible infection with the emerging corona virus so that the necessary measures are taken to prevent it from turning into an outbreak.